Technique against trolls and bullies

Last night I wrote about Internet Trolls in this post: Trolls from the Sagas to the internet, and in the comments I got the idea for this post by my dear Blogfriend Singledust (Go on, click her name and visit with her, you’ll have a good time I’m sure! I always enjoy my visits on her blog)

nettrollBeing trolled, bullied, harassed and generally badly treated can do great damage to your psyche, in some extreme cases the target ends his/her life. Every blog and article out there will tell you that the best way to handle trolls is by not feeding them, and I disagree. Because – the most extreme trolls will not stop even when not fed! And even if you quietly ignore them, they can still have a tremendous effect on your self-worth, your self-esteem, your psyche. BUT YOU CAN CHANGE THAT! (You might be so run down that you need professional help, and this post must under no circumstance be seen as a cure or as professional treatment at all. And if you are living in an abusive relationship; get out now! Get help! Get protection!)

As we all know, changing another person is impossible. But we can certainly change how we perceive that person. We can change what effect this person have on us! We can effectively stop the negative effect they have on us! And it’s not even hard. It’s quick. It’s free. And you can do it right now! This whole process will not take more than five minutes of your time, but you need to be somewhere where you can play sound, or put on a headset.

And no, this is not a holistic, homeopathic, supernatural, voodoo mumbo-jumbo thing, it is an effective psychological technique, and it cannot harm you in any way. In fact this is a Paul McKenna technique. OK, here goes:

  • Close your eyes, and envision your bully/troll/harasser, see them before your inner eye. If you have no image of this person, then just make up one in your mind, and make sure you associate it with the bully.

  • Take a quick stock on how this bully makes you feel.

  • Close your eyes again, and envision your bully once more while you listen to the following soundtrack (concentrate!):

  • Take a new stock on how this person makes you feel. I bet your perception of this person changed already.

  • This technique can also be used against annoying people, but I strongly advise against using this on your boss. Breaking out in full belly laugh every time you see your boss might turn out to be counterproductive in salary negotiations…

FB_IMG_1437030560112Depending on how deeply this person has affected you, you might have to repeat this technique. Just as it takes time to get run down, it also takes time to build yourself up again. What you are doing with this technique is to change the association you have in your mind of this person. It won’t stop them – but it will stop them from having any effect on YOU. When they no longer have an effect on you, you will finally be able to see just how ridiculous they are – and thus you enter a positive spiral. The more they troll, the more ridiculous you will perceive them. And the more ridiculous they are to you, the less of an impact they have on you. See what I mean?

FB_IMG_1435292714399Now to STOP a troll from trolling – that is harder. If you expose and ridicule, you might be perceived as a troll yourself, so if that is your chosen method, be very wary of your audience. Also dishing it back can be a double edged sword. One would think that a bully would be prepared to get a few stingers back, but the thing is – they are usually not! A boy that bullied me when I was a teen had the hurt written all over his face after I pointed out his slight speech impediment and told him to learn how to speak properly before ever speaking to me again. Was that mean of me? Undoubtedly. But it was effective. Years of bullying stopped by that one little sentence. All the teachers’ tactics about ignoring the bullies and turning the other cheek – that didn’t work. I say you hit them smart, you hit them good, and you hit them ONCE. Know your bully, learn their weak spot, and use it.

irritatedAnother method I have good experience with is flooding. In a facebook group we rounded up all the active, positive users and we had a good go at our regular Troll. Everything the Troll wrote was picked apart by 20 users, and everything the Troll said was ridiculed by 20 people all at once. The Troll was not able to keep up at all. We never attacked the troll PERSONALLY, but we did attack his utterings. It was quite entertaining to see that the Troll’s inputs became more and more desperate by every entry. After a communal effort of 30 minutes, the Troll lurked away with its tail tucked in between its legs. We never saw him again.

Yes, my methods might be mean, but in a world where people are bullied into suicide, I say it’s them or us. Make sure you seek help if you feel the troll is posing a real threat to you and/or your loved ones. There are some sick f***s out there, for sure!

I will also take the opportunity to point out that someone disagreeing with you does not make them a troll. It is when they go off topic and attack you personally, and dish out random crap they have dreamed up in their sad, lonely minds, they qualify to the Troll title.

I think the most important thing to say to everyone that are the target of bullies and trolls, is that it is not your fault! You do not deserve to be treated badly! The bully/troll will try to make you think that you brought this on yourself, but that is a lie! There is only one to blame here – and that is the bully/troll! Not you! You are awesome!







Trolls from the Sagas to the internett

Now, I am not sure just how familiar you are with the Norse Sagas? They are prose and poetry about real, historic events, and some of the most known are Snorre’s Sagas about the Viking Kings. We had to read this in Old Norse in High School, and despite being interested in history already then, they were very hard to read because of the language. I do have the King Sagas from Snorre in my bookshelf, but in Norwegian (yes, that is cheating, but I did not want to spend a gazillion years to read them and still not understand the texts.)


1-Sverd-i-fjellThe Trolls as we know them from Old Norse fairytales, are bloodthirsty, brutal creatures, much like the old Viking Kings who slu, raped and pillaged wherever they ventured. For instance, Harald Hårfagre (Fairhair), Norway’s first King, was indeed a Troll. There is a huge monument raised in his honor only a kilometer from where I grew up, consisting of three huge swords that are stuck into the mountain. The tallest sword represents Harald Hårfagre, the Victor, the Hero, and the two smaller ones represent the two Kings who were defeated in the final battle in Harald Hårfagre’s quest to unite all the small Kingdoms into one. In 872, Norway got its first King after years of carnage and terror. And we celebrate him with monuments and read stories about him in school where he promised his girlfriend not to cut his hair until Norway was gathered into one country (hence the name “Fairhair”) Sounds romantic, yes?

1-13256538_10153949651046622_8071785147063233475_nHe wasn’t romantic. He was a despot. A bloodthirsty warmonger. A Troll! His great grandson, Olav den Hellige (the Holy Olav) was canonized after his death. Why? Because he brought Christianity to Norway. How did he do that? By putting the sword to your neck. By death and terror. He was also indeed – a Troll!

There are still Trolls today, on the internet. Internet Trolls stick their ugly head out in various comments fields all over the net. People have committed suicide after being terrorized by internet trolls. Internet communities have shut down because of trolls. Good people are being bullied and harassed every day by trolls.

nettrollI saw an interesting Swedish documentary about a journalist who hunted down Trolls. Exposed them. Put them on the spot and actually talked to them and asked questions. The Trolls have one thing in common; they are puny little people who are dumb as bricks. They are nobodies, and jealousy seems to be the one thing that fuels them. Not one of them apoligized, not one of them even owned up to their online actions. No, they threw their friends under the bus and blamed everyone else but themselves. They are weak, puny, insignificant cowards!

I have a Troll. With my daily readership, I would have thought I was a few thousand short to have Trolls, but lo and behold I do have one. All Trolls are dumb, and mine seem to break the scale of stupidity – and it’s not even the funny kind of stupid! (Anyone want to trade their funny Troll with my boring one? Let me know in the comments!)

My Troll seems to want to control what I read on the internet. She (yes, it’s a she-Troll) seems to be unaware of the fact that I pay for my hardware, my software, my internet – thus I control what I pull up in my browser and read! The thing is – there is no way to control who reads the posts and articles you have published. When roaming around the old daily prompts – which give me great pleasure and quite a few ideas – some posts have been removed or have been password-protected. Which is fine, I guess there are a million reasons why one would delete or privatize a 3 year old post – or even a new one, so I just close it down and move on to another post. But those posts that are NOT removed or protected – they are here because the person that publicized them wants me to read them! Do not try to say different! If you do not want to be read – you keep a journal under lock and key!

FB_IMG_1435131202247My Troll disagrees (but in a less friendly choice of words). I have no problem with people disagreeing with me – I do enjoy a good debate – but this is where my Troll starts trolling. This is where she gets real stupid. She claims I have something to do with her name being stolen by one of my countrymen. In her mind, I am guilty by passport. Therefore she does not want me to read her openly published posts. I assume she does not know how the internet, wordpress and the Daily Post works, and she tries to put that responsibility on me.  She also called me a “he/she hashtag”. I don’t even know what that means, and it doesn’t matter. It’s unimportant. Trolls do that, they are not intelligent enough to stay on topic, and they will throw random things into the mix, usually showing off poor languageskills as well. They are not intelligent enough to see that they are actually not saying anything about their target – but instead speak volumes about themselves. They are showing their stupidity, their jealousy, their smallness, and they are too friggin dumb to realize it!

Anyways, if you are being trolled, do not bother to put any energy on it. Laugh at the blatant stupidity, put the creature on block, and enjoy the non-trolling part of the community. (Yes, I do realize that it might be hard, but do not take a troll seriously. Ever! They are absolutely worthless!) I am aware that I just fed my Troll, which is what everyone advises against. But I have read the Norse fairytales, and starving a Troll won’t work, as those ferocious creatures will eat rocks to stay alive. Nah, the way to kill a Troll is to expose it to sunlight – and they explode. Problem solved.

On the other hand – I am flattered that a Troll finds me so supercool that I am worth her attention and jealousy. If I was her, I’d wanna be me too!


Update 15 Aug 2017: After I published this post, my Troll went away. She is no longer trying to harass me in the comments fields. Wether it was this post that made her think – or she just got tired of failing to get a rise out of me – remains unknown. Or maybe she bought “Internett for dummies” and finally figured out how this thing works?

Whatever it may be, I really do not care. I had forgotten all about it until I stumbled onto this old post in search of something else. I hope she stopped trolling all together and is not randomly bugging someone else.