Gloppedalsura, Norway

Gloppedalsura in Rogaland, Norway is the biggest rockery in northern Europe. 10.000 years ago the glacier melted from Gloppedalen and left the moraine. Frost and thawing started a landslide from the mountain on the south side, which ended up as a 100 meters thick rockery atop the moraine. The mountanous frame around the rockery and lake makes it quite a dramatic scenery.



There was a farm in Gloppedalen, but the people there were godless; they drank and fought during the X-mas holidays. The mountain fell and buried the whole farm, not one person was spared. For 7 full years a rooster’s crow were heard from the rockery. It had sought refuge in the grain bin, where it remained trapped.


After the German attack on Norway in 1940, Norwegian forces retreated to Gloppedalsura where the boulders formed a natural fortress for the Norwegian defence. On April 22nd, 1940 at 9am, German troops attacked, both on ground and in the air, and the battle went on until a massive German attack at 7pm. The Norwegian defence then retreated to Byrkjedal. One Norwegian soldier fell in the battle, on the German side it is reported from 12 to 44 fallen soldiers.

Gloppedalsura makes for a good outing, an hour’s drive from Stavanger. I recommend combining it with a lunch at Byrkjedalstunet.