Christmas Tree Kerfuffle (or How Sir Nerdalot wound up in the doghouse)


My Dear friends, I need your help!


December is fast approaching and I am in a bit of a kerfuffle with Sir Nerdalot (DH = Dear/Daft Husband) over the Xmas tree. Sir Nerdalot have never cared too much about decorations and such. He enjoys it when it’s all up – but never has any opinion as of where to place what, and what goes together – and not.


This year, however, he chimed in on the all-important Xmas tree, surprisingly enough. We always do a real tree and put it up right before Xmas, on the 22nd or 23rd Dec. It is not very practical to put it up sooner, unless you really enjoy running around with the vacuum and deal with the shedding. But Sir Nerdalot told me that he enjoys the tree so much, that he wants one to go up on Dec 1st. So, then we must go for a fake tree. This is when DH, who pretends to be this busy and important businessman, gave me 1000 Euros and told me to “make it happen”. If there were left over money he wanted me to buy myself something pretty to make it worth my while.


Needless to say, he did not have to ask me twice. I quickly found the perfect tree, nice and green, perfectly shaped and not too big. It just so happened that the tree cost way less than expected, so I enjoyed a really good shopping for myself. It was just the perfect day!


Upon my return to home, I was eager to show him the nice tree I had bought us, and proudly showed it to DH. But whaddayaknow! The normally calm and collected Sir Nerdalot completely blew a fuse! If you think the terrible twos are rough, then imagine the terrible forty-two’s! Oh my! This was the absolute WORST Xmas tree he had ever seen and ordered me back into town to change it right away! He practically threw me into my car!


So, here I am, utterly upset because I really like the tree! Please help me – is it really that bad? Doesn’t this make a nice Xmas tree?




Turkey smiles

imagesThis past week has been a good week. A really good week! As many of you know, it was Thanksgiving-weekend, and Old Mamasan will not let a turkey-opportunity pass her by! We don’t have Thanksgiving off, and we don’t celebrate it here in Scandinavia, therefore it makes more sence to cook the bird on Saturday. I have made it my own tradition to invite family or friends for Thanksgiving dinner on the saturday after the actual American Thanksgiving, and I hope this tradition will not fade. So we invited my sister and her hubby from Sweden, and some friends here in Copenhagen to Gobble til you wobble-day. We had a grand time with great laughs  and some pretty grand food and we all ate til we were about to pass out!

turkey-cartoonI’m not sure when the turkey became a common food for New Years in Norway, but I do know we have bred turkeys here for a couple hundred years. For X-mas I will hang onto some traditional dishes from western Norway, but I’ll cook a big bird for my version of Thanksgiving and for New Years.

I would like to share with you my recipes for some of the sides that I use with the Turkey (and they can of course also be used with other festive foods than Turkey!), and hope you find inspiration to perhaps try something new. My family and I think all these sides are super good! My recipes will come as individual posts over the next couple days, so please check back later if you’re in the mood for some good eatin’!

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When prompted to showcase a picture that captures my idea of bliss, there is just too much to choose from. I’m a happy-go-lucky kind of person, I find bliss and humor in most things. I landed on the following picture of Sir Hoof Hearted, our family happy-dog and furtain in chief, giving Chairwoman Miao, her Royal Clawness, a morning bath and cleansing of catty ears.

Of course, the blissful nature of such situations are not planned for, and I can promise that getting up to get the good camera to snap the picture would have ruined the moment. I was lucky to have my mobile phone within reach, and quickly snapped a few pics.

So here you have it: My idea of Bliss


Sir Hoof Hearted giving Chairwoman Miao her morning bath

I am joining the #WeeklySmile bunch, as I wholeheartedly agree with the host, Trent, that we need some positive posts in between all the serious stuff in the news and on the web. Give someone a smile today, and see what happens!

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63942813As an Expat I have given some thought about what «home» is. Sure, we can look up the dry explanation in a dictionary. Or we can define it ourselves, yea, let’s do that – should be way more fun.

You see, my family and I are Expats in Denmark. We rent a house in a small town north of Copenhagen. The market in Denmark is so slow that investing in real estate here is a complete no-go for us. And even though we absolutely hate the house we rent, we have recently extended the lease period.

Why would we do that?

Pure laziness would be a huge part of the reason why we decided to continue to rent this house. We just can’t be bothered to move – because that is a lot of work and boring.

go-big-or-go-home-memeThe proximity to The Karate Kid’s school was also a huge factor in deciding to prolong the lease.

And… The house itself is not why it is home. It’s more about making it home. So we moved in our furniture, our clothes, our stuff. Granted a whole lot of our stuff is still in storage, because this house is way smaller than the beautiful and rather large house we had in Norway. But we have unpacked enough stuff to make this Danish house feel homely.

Although there are things that are connected to certain memories, nostalgia and all that, they are still just things. And without a cat galloping across the floor and jumping up in the sofa just to piss off the dog, and a teenager aggrivating his mom by playing too loud music, all the things are meaningless. Because the memories are still there, even without the things.

home-is-where-your-heart-isIt’s not the house and things that make the memories. We make the memories. Yes, we have had many nice family meals around the dinner table. Without the family, the table would just be a table. And when that table is traded out for something new and not worn out, we will still have the memory of those nice family dinners. The table doesn’t matter. It’s unimportant.

What is important? Family. Friends. Pets. Those are my true valuables. That is what makes the home. Not the house, not all the stuff.


Home is where the dog hairs sticks to everything but the dog


Home is where the cat learns to read


Home is where there is a Tiger on the roof


Home is this bright looking fella


Home is where you return to after showing this young man the world


Cabin fever?

“If you’re going to have a cabin fever, have a big cabin, you know.” – Joe Cocker


The Karate Kid on his way to the cabin


Looks small underneath the mountain


Glorious view


Just a little hike


Please excuse the clutter behind the outhouse, it was the maid’s day off…


I miss this place!


Not fancy, but comfortable


Not my fav color on the furniture, but they worked just fine


What is better than being IN the cabin? Playing outside of it!

Yes, we are still on Svalbard, and still in September 2006. We sold the cabin before we moved to the mainland, and I miss both Longyearbyen and the cabin immensly. I am not going to pretend that this is a huge, fancy cabin, but it was perfect for us. Also not a huge quest to get there, just perfect for a five-year-old to hike to.


I would like to thank Michelle Mac (Southern by design) for thinking of me as a prospective participant in the «3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge». Michelle not only masters the art of poetry, but also writes really good thought provoking personal pieces. She has also been known to snap some really good photos! So don’t hang around here – go check her out!

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Ooh, Shiny!

Handegg (and why Sir Nerdalot is in the dog house)

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have praised my Sir Nerdalot on many an occasion on my blog. This is not one of those times. Because, what is almost as bad as the Man Flu? Yup, you got it: Handegg-season!

fb_img_1465235134972Now, what is so wrong about Handegg-season, and why do I have a problem with it? Oh, let me count the ways (brace yourself):

funny-american-football-demotivational-posterWe are Norwegians. We live in Denmark. Handegg games come on in the middle of the night over here, because what’a-ya-know; we don’t play that stupid sport over here! Thus, we have to wait for the Americans to wake up, have their coffee, and start their game – and by then it is evening and soon night over here in the “Old World”

Who in their right mind would choose the substandard copy, when we can have the real deal in our own part of the world? Why does the good ol’ Nerd not follow Rugby? It’s right over there in the UK! He can get a cheap airplane ticket and go see a game live if he wants too!


Furthermore; there are no motorcycles in Handegg! Yes, you read me correct;

There. Are. No. Motorcycles. In. Handegg!

Shocking, isn’t it? They wear crash helmets, but at no point in the game will there be even one measly little motorcycle!


b71c2e9542729837482bd07c30a61085afa821ed5682db1b17a5b0a3944be3a5For the sake of communication, our relationship, love, respect and blah blah blah, I have asked the good Nerd exactly what he likes about Handegg, what is it that gives him pleasure to watch this strange game – to which he gave me a lengthy lecture that made absolutely no sense and bored me to sleep. When I woke up, I asked him to sum his long rant up in one sentence (ten words maximm), or – if possible – into one word. “Tactics”, he said.  He must think I’m stupid. This is “tactics” displayed in Handegg: Run a yard – and everyone in a pile. Run another yard – everyone in a pile. Run another yard, and I’m out like a candle in a windstorm. Pfth! Tactics Schmactics!

nfl-replacement-ref-meme-4_display_imageNow, I could live with all of the above – if the Nerd had his priorities straight. You see – and this is the clincher, really – the other night, the Nerd was all engulfed in a NFL thingy. Yanno, wearing his jersey and being all “handegg-nerdy”. I was craving some attention, as I hadn’t seen the Nerd all friggin day. I tried to strike up a conversation, but he was not really listening to me, and only granted me answers in one syllable grunts. Figures, eh? So I opted for my go-to-move in situations like this; I started to take my clothes off all seductive-like. Yanno, batting eyes, pouty lips, wriggling slowly out of my clothes. I was down to my undies and socks, and still no response from the Nerd. I asked him, quite annoyed, was he unable to see what the heck I was doing?

“Yea”, he responded grumpily, “why can’t you sort the laundry somewhere else?”


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Arctic Autumn

Browsing through old pictures, I came across these from September 2005. This is from our time living in the northernmost town in the world.

I miss it greatly, and would love to move back there. Alas there aren’t that many interesting jobs, it is very expensive to live there and not a whole lot of options when it comes to The Karate Kid’s education. Thus, I look at old pictures and miss the clear, crisp days of the arctic autumn. Days like this when it was perfect to put on lots of clothes and go for a hike or boat ride – or both. Go out of town, turn off the engine of the boat or car, or snowmobile and just sit. Relax. Observe. Enjoy. You get very aware of yourself in surroundings like these. You feel both very small and very mighty at the same time. You feel very alive. You excist Here and Now. It’s completely silent on windless days like this. The only thing you hear is your own breath and the rustling of your clothes. It’s wonderful. Scary. Nice. Relaxing.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to convince Sir Nerdalot to move up there with me, and until I do I rest assured that Svalbard will still be there even if it takes me 10 years.

The Greatest Place in the World


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Ooh, Shiny!

On the verge of catastrophe!

I am fully aware that I have praised autumn in a couple previous posts (you can read them here and here), but I have to say that there is a terrible down side to fall as well:


65832195As of right now, The Karate Kid has a cold, and I am catering to his every need to keep the Man Flu at bay. I am hoping that he is too young to develop a full-fledged Man Flu, and that it – at worst – will stop at Teenager Flu. The Kid is drinking liter after liter of Old Mamasan’s miracle remedy against sore throats, runny noses, watery eyes, weak knees, fevers and the plague:

Get your kettle out. Put in a couple bags of strong, black tea (we prefer English Breakfast Tea), a good dollop of honey, half an orange (wash it so you can keep the peel on), one peppermint drop, and then you pour over your boiling water. Let sit for a couple minutes and then drink it. It even tastes good!

(For adults I recommend topping the tea off with a splash of whiskey or cognac. The booze doesn’t help one bit, but it makes it fun to be sick.)



The big challenge is to isolate Sir Nerdalot from the cold virus, because he will definitely, without a doubt, develop a full-fledged Man Flu! We are, in other words, we are on the precipice of catastrophe here, and the world as we know it will cease to exist. He will be shivering in pain and fever, he will have out-of-body experiences every time he sneezes, he will be whiney and feel terribly sorry for himself. We all know how it goes, right?

Sir Nerdalot is henceforth banished to isolation in the Man Cave – where he will stay until the Karate Kid is completely free from cold symptoms. I will go to the store tomorrow and stock up on cognac in case the Nerd catches the Man Flu despite strict isolation. I am going to need triple shots in my tea if he gets sick…

Booze is the answer. I don’t remember the question.


Havnsø, Denmark

When we moved to Denmark a year and a half ago, we had every intention of utilizing every weekend and every second of our spare time to really see and experience Denmark.

Well. That didn’t happen. I guess we got too tangled up in everyday routine, and to be perfectly honest; Denmark is not all the exotic for a Norwegian. We have vacationed here since we were kids – although not so much on this particular island.


Sir Hoof Hearted inspecting the water – right outside our rented summerhome.

This summer we decided to vacation locally, in part to finally do what we set out to do when we moved here, and in part because we were too late to get Sir Hoof Hearted (the dog) into a dog hotel. Not that we mind vacationing with Sir Hoof Hearted, we actually rather enjoy it, but it does limit our choices.

As we are too old to crawl around in the dirt looking for a tent opening in the dark, we opted for glamping. Also quite typical Danish, and also quite a normal way for Norwegians to vacation in Denmark. We rented a summerhouse.


Old Mamasan would not mind living in this house permanently

So here we are, in lovely Havnsø, on the west coast of Zeeland. Not the longest of travels, only an hour’s drive away from our Danish home, but far enough to get that relaxing feeling of vacation. I don’t know too much about this place yet, so today I will look for some tourist information down at the harbor and pick up all the brochures and pamphlets they have.

There is a daily ferry gong to two islands off of here, and in the ocean right outside one of them is where a major battle from the War of the Kings was fought in the 1100’s. I will definitely need some literature about that before taking a daytrip to said island. Will be fun!


Panoramic view of the “neighbourhood”

As of right now, I am more than content with just being here. We arrived yesterday afternoon, and after emptying the car for luggage we left the dog and just went to the grocery store for some provisions. We didn’t want to leave the dog in a new place for as long as it would take us to dine out, so we made dinner at home. It is a lovely house. Quite 70’s – which I absolutely love!


Cookbooks! An El Dorado for Old Mamasan!

I have found the owners huge stack of recipe books – so guess who will go through the books and copy down the recipes I like? Yup. That be me! (I really do not mind being a copycat when it comes to recipes, i get most my ideas from books, and then make little alterations to suit my pallet.)

That is all for today, next post will be from historic Kalundborg.




Saints and Witches

3-10347227_10153277122226622_3209566026725744526_nToday is Saint John’s Eve, the eve of celebration before Saint John the Baptist’s birthday. It’s quite peculiar that what is commemorated here is the birthday and not the death of said Saint; usually it is their death day that is being honored. The Bible says that St. John was born 6 months before Jesus, so they fixed his b-day on June 24th. In Scandinavia – the feast is held the evening before – i.e. the 23rd of June, which is today. Yeeeeeey!

Now why am I so excited about this? I am an atheist and have no reason to celebrate religious feasts like St. Johns Eve and X-mas. Well, I have one reason: Bonfires! Big bonfires! The bonfires the kids look at with Awe!

The Feast of Saint John closely coincides with the June solstice, and that is actually what is celebrated. In fact – the way we celebrate was deemed immoral by the church all the way back from the Reformation in the 16th century.

In Norway the evening is called Sankt Hans or Jonsok, and the tradition is to gather around a large bonfire on the beach and have a nice time with family, friends and neighbors. It’s a celebration of summer, of the light summer nights. We roast hotdogs on a stick over the fire, chat, sing, dance, and laugh.

4-11216791_10153277122316622_1324512748192974970_nThe Swedes have the best celebration of St. Johns Eve; Midsommar Afton! (Midsummers eve) – originally a fertility festival. They eat a type of herring (really yummy) and raise a May Pole and dance around it. The old traditions have survived better in Sweden then in Denmark and Norway. Sweden is the place to experience this feast!

Here in Denmark the kids will make Witch dolls that they dress up in old clothes. The creator of the most evil looking Witch will be rewarded. Then they burn the Witches on the bonfire. (I am not particularly fond of that tradition, but hey – this time around it’s not real people being burned on grounds of false accusations of Witchcraft.) Other than that, it is as in Norway and Sweden – with family fun and partying and good fun.

Wherever you are – I wish you a fab Saint John’s Eve/Jonsok/Midsommar Afton/Thursday – with or whithout Saints and Witches!