19 comments on “Still got the blues

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  2. My husband has been watching a television show about Svalbard, along with every other Scandinavian show he can, and he absolutely cannot wait to visit this region next year. I admit your photos are breathtaking but as an Antipodean I am not a lover of the cold.

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    • Svalbard is well worth a visit, just be aware of everything being very costy there though. It might soud like a cliche, but it’s a dry kind of cold. But yes, it is cold for sure, but with the correct clothing it is no problem.


  3. How do you describe these exquisite betwixed/between sky shades of blue Olive? I can imagine your longing for them. I spent some time out at sea – sailing and got to appreciate sea-shades from the cobalt inky depths of the Pacific to the gorgeous aquamarines of the coral atolls. This snowy wonderland of yours adds some other reflective cast?

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