Still got the blues

As the two-months long Polar night just ended, Longyearbyen entered the blue period. And my longing for the cold, but oh so magical, island grows.





16 comments on “Still got the blues

  1. Tilbaketråkk: GOOD LUCK

  2. My husband has been watching a television show about Svalbard, along with every other Scandinavian show he can, and he absolutely cannot wait to visit this region next year. I admit your photos are breathtaking but as an Antipodean I am not a lover of the cold.

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    • Svalbard is well worth a visit, just be aware of everything being very costy there though. It might soud like a cliche, but it’s a dry kind of cold. But yes, it is cold for sure, but with the correct clothing it is no problem.


  3. How do you describe these exquisite betwixed/between sky shades of blue Olive? I can imagine your longing for them. I spent some time out at sea – sailing and got to appreciate sea-shades from the cobalt inky depths of the Pacific to the gorgeous aquamarines of the coral atolls. This snowy wonderland of yours adds some other reflective cast?

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