As I enjoyed my tea and scones today, it struck me again how much I like my china set. First off I think it is real pretty, but the fact that my dad picked it out and bought it all by himself in a country, Japan, on the other side of the world – is what makes it a treasure in my eyes. The Noritake China, pattern 5802 Arlene, can be replaced for 400 USD, so the monetary value isn’t great, even though it was only produced between 1957 and 1966. Which means that I can use it more than I do, as I have been afraid of breaking it. Now that I know that this is not a rare pattern, and it can be easily replaced, it will not be devastating to break it.


16 comments on “Treasure

  1. Very pretty china. I had a set of Noritake china when I was married. It was blue with flowers along the edge. It’s really nice china. Hope you have more time using yours now.

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  2. I have my Nana’s collection of bone china tea cups. I had her silver sets at one point but was not able to maintain them. I recently bought a cabinet just for the collection. I allowed one of my sons girl friends to use them for a tea party a few years ago. Sometimes we are so worried about breaking something, we forget to really enjoy it’s existence.

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    • I’m not very good at decorating, so pretty plates makes it easier 🙂 scones are the easiest in the world to make, they have saved my btt many times when I get unexpected visitors (noone visits me without getting fed. Its the law. ;-p)

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      • Of course one must feed guests! Food = Love, right? I read somewhere that in China, one way of greeting people literally translates to, «Have you eaten rice today?» It’s a Universal truth which unites all!

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