The gem on Costa Cálida

The what and the who, now? The Costa Cálida (“Warm Coast”) is a 250 km stretch of the Mediterranean coastline of the Spanish province of Murcia. Here you find a micro-climate which features comparatively hot mean annual temperatures and a relative degree of aridity (average precipitation less than 34 cm per year)

The northern end of the Costa Cálida includes Mar Menor (“Lesser Sea”), Europe’s largest saltwater lagoon, and on the interior shores of Mar Menor, you find an old fishing village, Santiago de la Ribera, with 4 kilometers of fine, golden sand-beaches. The Mar Menor is rather shallow, so you have a longer season for bathing and swimming in the Mar Menor than in the Mediterranean. Even though the town is a fav vacation spot for Spaniards, it does not feel nearly as touristy as the nearby towns. Santiago de la Ribera is a true gem, as I am sure my pics from Oct 2016 will show:


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