Do you want to build a snowman?

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I started a tradition with the Karate Kid when he was young in making gingerbread men, houses and what have you. We have a vast collection of those things you stick the figures out of the dough with. We now have so many shapes, that we need to double an all ready large recipe to get through them all. It takes a whole fragging day to roll, cut and bake the gingerbread men, and the whole next day to decorate them.

The Kid is now 15 and can’t be bothered to make gingerbread men with his old mom anymore. Thank goodness! So, this year I thought up something quicker, but equally creative. Yup, I made melted snowman cookies! And what do you know – both the Kid and Sir Nerdalot came lurking and wanted to help. I just love the result, some are looking sad and moody, others angry or deformed. So funny!

Now, these are sooooooo easy! Just use your favorite recipe for sugar cookies, mix up a batch of royal icing, open a few bags of sweets like licorice strings, marshmallows and mini smarties for eyes, head and buttons and let your creativity come to life.


11 comments on “Do you want to build a snowman?

  1. What fun. I used to make stained glass gingerbread with my daughters when they were little but we haven’t for years. A couple of years ago I came across a recipe for snowman truffles, using different lollies for the faces and like yours we created all sorts of funny faces. We laughed so much and they were delicious to eat too.

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    • Hehe that does sound fun!

      What I like about this years melted snowmen is that even the hubby came lurking and scoulking and asked to join in 😜 It is rare that he feels like decorating cookies…

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  3. The Viking started licking his lips and drooling over the licorice because, apparently, Canadians don’t know what real licorice is. He also said that if he were around, you would have nothing left for eyes, mouths and arms. :o) Have a wonderful Christmas, Olive. :o)

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