Spanish Smiles

Last week we went on vacation to Spain. We are talking 10 days of constant touristy smiles here, so it is almost impossible to choose just one… To spend time with loved ones is a definite big smile, to learn that I do remember some Spanish also made me smile. Enjoying the fab tapas and paella/arrozes – also grounds for huge smiles. The list goes on and on, and I will be bugging you with posts and pictures in the days to come.

I have decided to interpret this week’s smile literally – with smiles I have managed to capture on my cam during the vaccy in Spain:


Ox Muzzle? I am very curious as to how they prepare this.


Here’s a great smile for ya!


This would be a dentist’s retirement plan…


Sheeps heads, these I know from Norway


Another charmer 🙂


Dried sharks jaws?

I am joining the #WeeklySmile bunch, as I wholeheartedly agree with the host, Trent, that we need some positive posts in between all the serious stuff in the news and on the web. Give someone a smile today, and see what happens!

Care to join us at the #WeeklySmile ? Then go to Trent’s World  and join the LINK UP!


24 comments on “Spanish Smiles

  1. I’ll admit that I like the museum quality smiles better than the food ones 😉 That dentist’s nightmare of a fish looks like the head of one of Calvin’s fantasy aliens (Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, if you don’t get the reference).

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