Skansbukta, Svalbard

Svalbard has many abandoned mining sites, and just a short boat trip away from Longyearbyen is beautiful Skansbukta. There are several commercial ships that take you on a day trip to many different sites from Longyearbyen. The ones headed for Pyramiden and Nordenskiold Glacier usually take a swing by the Skansbukta so you can take your pictures – as I did in early September 2006.

Skansbukta, a bay protected from winds from most directions, lays in the outer part of Billefjorden. The impressive cliff is named Skansen. Here you find remains of a gypsum mine that was active for about half a year in 1918, and again for a few years from 1930.

Everything man-made that you see here are protected cultural remains, and must under no circumstance be moved or ruined.

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13 comments on “Skansbukta, Svalbard

  1. Very nice formations! I have to google what is gypsum mine to make sure 🙂 and yes I know about gypsum board or building plasters now I know what it looks like in raw materials. Good to know thanks!

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