Arctic Autumn

Browsing through old pictures, I came across these from September 2005. This is from our time living in the northernmost town in the world.

I miss it greatly, and would love to move back there. Alas there aren’t that many interesting jobs, it is very expensive to live there and not a whole lot of options when it comes to The Karate Kid’s education. Thus, I look at old pictures and miss the clear, crisp days of the arctic autumn. Days like this when it was perfect to put on lots of clothes and go for a hike or boat ride – or both. Go out of town, turn off the engine of the boat or car, or snowmobile and just sit. Relax. Observe. Enjoy. You get very aware of yourself in surroundings like these. You feel both very small and very mighty at the same time. You feel very alive. You excist Here and Now. It’s completely silent on windless days like this. The only thing you hear is your own breath and the rustling of your clothes. It’s wonderful. Scary. Nice. Relaxing.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to convince Sir Nerdalot to move up there with me, and until I do I rest assured that Svalbard will still be there even if it takes me 10 years.

The Greatest Place in the World


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16 comments on “Arctic Autumn

    • Thank you! Naw, don’t mind the cold, it’s a dry cold, and you dress it out. Very warm people though, welcoming, homerous, caring. Of course that part of it doesnt show in the pics

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    • Thank you very much! If you like great scenery and the odd chance of seing some wildlife (polar bear, arctic fox, various seals and whales) then Svalbard would be the way to go 🙂

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    • Thank you very much, am glad you liked it.

      Hubbys blog name was kind of a given… He nerds. A lot. And he is my knight 🙂

      Romatic: A Knight in Shining Armour
      Realistic: A Nerd in Tin Foil


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