A super good fish dish

(Norsk versjon: En knallgod fiskerett)


This yummy dish is perfect for wrapping in tinfoil and cook in the embers of a fire, or on your grill, or like I did here – in the oven. The cheese and the ham will melt together and make the best taste on both the fish and the sauce.

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  • 500 gram cod, plaice, Pollock – skinned and boneless
  • 1 bundle of green asparagus
  • 100 gram blue cheese, like Roquefort
  • 5-6 rashers serrano ham, or similar
  • Just a tiny bit of butter or oil for the tin or tin foil.

Cut the fish in portion size pieces. If you want to do it real pretty; place a rasher of ham on your cutting board, place on it 2-3 asparagus, then the fish, then the blue cheese. Wrap the ham around the bundle, and place the whole thing in a tin or tinfoil. My fish was frozen solid, so I just placed it in layers in the baking ting.

Place your tin foil packages in the embers of a fire, on a grill or cook it in the oven on 200 degrees Celsius. How long to cook it for will vary with what kind of fish you are using and how thick the pieces are. I left mine in for 30 minutes. When the fish starts to flake – then it is done!

Serve with good bread to dunk in the sauce!



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