Behind my old house…

My old house in Norway had a beautiful location. Close to Stavanger and Sandnes, close to the beaches of Jæren, and close to so many good hiking spots and scenic locations. Old Mamasan is no City Slicker, and chose to visit cities rather than to live in them.


Only 15 meters from my old house, this is the view!

The hilltop right behind my house was a perfect place to walk the dog and take in some great scenery.


Sir Hoof Hearted loves to rund around with sticks.

Ålgård has a population of 8938 people (2015), and was up until 1870 farmland. In 1870 Ole Nielsen started a wool mill, and the village started to grow. Not the most exciting of places, but peaceful and close to the amenities of the bigger towns Sandnes and Stavanger.


Who would’nt want to live like this?

Will I ever move back there? Highly doubtful – as Sir Nerdalot thinks there is too much snow in the winter *giggles* Plus we have no connection to the village – we only bought there because we got a lot of house for our money.



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