Evening at Borebreen

Longyearbyen is the northernmost town in the world. It is seated at Svalbard which is treaty country, governed by Norway. Just a quick boat ride away you have the spectacular Bore Glacier. The Bore Glacier is 22 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide. The name is derived from the Greek “Boreas” which means Wind from the North.

1-Svalbard kart

These pictures are from a boat trip I made with Polarcharter and what better way of spending Friday night can you ever think of? The whole trip takes about 5 hours, and after ample time to take in the view and take your pictures, you will be treated to a nice BBQ on the back deck with this magnificent glacier as the focal point while you enjoy your food.

I took this trip early in the season, so there is ice on the fjord still, and if you look closely you will see the seals on the ice. No Polar Bears in sight during our visit, so the seals could rest peacefully. And yes, this is evening time. In summer, the sun runs around and around on the sky in its own little marathon and does not set for 4 months

I love a good quote, and if it is funny to boot – then we have a winner:

«If there really is a pole at the North Pole, I bet there’s some dead explorer-guy with his tongue stuck to it.»    — Bob Van Voris.

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28 comments on “Evening at Borebreen

  1. brilliant photos! i loved looking at all that ice as i sit in my air conditioned room here on the equator where night time temp is 30 degrees Celsius! and that quote, really made me smile today, and it was a very long and tiring day, thank you for cheering me up!

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