Denmark is not only home to some amazing castles, it is also home to the two oldest operating amusement parks in the world, and the second oldest is the famous Tivoli in Copenhagen (founded by Georg Carstensen in 1843). It’s not just roller coasters and rides, it’s beautiful gardens, souvenir shop and restaurants, and they host various concerts and other cultural events as well – and it’s the variety of it that appeals to me. The Kid has his own entry and ride-card, so he’ll jot off and enjoy some gravity defying rides, while Sir Nerdalot and I sit quietly on a park bench and feed the ducks.

Tivoli is open during the spring/summer season, then they close down and reopen for Halloween – all decorated and spooked up. After another closed period, they open for X-mas al lavishly decorated and shops serving æbleskiver and gløgg. It is so incredibly cozy!

But it is the flourishing gardens I’d like to focus on today. We visited Tivoli yesterday and after a nice steak meal at Påfuglen restaurant, we took a stroll around the park to admire the spring flowers. It is an ever changing landscape, as tulips will wilt and other plants will flourish instead. When visiting this end of Denmark – you’ll not want to miss out on Tivoli.


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