I was supposed to do the Weekend Coffee Share today, but I can’t. I don’t have any coffee, and where I am right now there is really crappy Wi-Fi.  I am in my car, in the parking lot outside the convenience store. I had just started up my car to go home, when someone honked to get me out of my parking spot faster. So now I have to sit here until he gives up. This might take a while, he looks like a stubborn old buggar. If you are nearby, please swing by with a large coffee. Thank you.


Do you want to partake in the #weekendcoffeeshare? Then go to Parttime monster and join the link up 🙂 – After you come over here with a coffee. Thank you again.

Want to see my previous contributions to the Weekend Coffe Share? They are funny, I promise:

Nice to meet you

Coffee and taxes


45 comments on “#WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. I absolutely love that and you have me in stitches. I too, hate it when people wait to take my parking spot when I’m not ready to drive off. So I get out a book or notepad and make myself look busy and ignore them until they leave in frustration. And then I drive off…

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  2. what is even MORE fun than just waiting out a person wanting your spot, is to slowly…very slowly back up just a bit…then sit a while before pulling back into the space. Once done a few times the person waiting usually drives off screaming obscenities. very relaxing. lol

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    • I find honking at people to get them to get out of a parking space to be extremely rude, and I feel this is the appropriate response. And it IS fun, if you can handle people being angry with you 🙂

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  3. This reminds me why I live in a town, outside Sydney. You can’t be rude like that for long around here. There’s quite a lot of people here but word gets around.
    xx Rowena

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  4. Hang in there! Let him wait just a little longer! haha!! That was hilarious. If I was nearby, I’d bring you a cup…considering I’m in Georgia, USA, it might be quite a cold cup of coffee by the time I arrived. 😀

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  5. Oh, hilarity! If I were remotely close I would definitely have brought you that large coffee. Hopefully you aren’t still waiting, hoping someone is close with coffee and the old buggar has moved on! 😉

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