Dazzling Tokyo

Oh how I love Tokyo! I so want to go back, and also see more of the magnificent country Japan.

While browsing through my Tokyo photos for this week’s entry in Where’s my backpack‘s weekly challenge, Travel Theme: Dazzling, I was reminded that the whole series of blog posts from Tokyo are written in Norwegian only. I did those before I started blogging in English. I guess that will be my next project; translating the whole Tokyo-series into English. That will keep me busy for a while.

One thing that strikes me as totally unexpected and odd, is how safe, clean and quiet this most populous metropolitan area in the world is, which led us to whisper as to not disturb the locals.

Until I get my posts translated, here are my most dazzling photos from Tokyo:




19 comments on “Dazzling Tokyo

  1. Thanks for the photos. Reminded me of all my photos taken in Japan under storage.
    I guess we always find the other side greener pastures and are attracted to it.

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  2. Hi Olive,
    Thanks for liking my post and following my blog too. The Japanese have it all sewn up really, don’t they? We were just there in March but have been there twice before. This time we went by cruise ship and we stopped at 6 different ports which was marvellous. I look forward to returning soon too – my husband loves the skiing and I love the neat, tidy, polite people.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts, when they are translated.

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    • Thank you for your kind comment and for visiting. Lucky you who have been there three times! I want to go back, but it is expensive and far. Someday though 🙂


  3. Tilbaketråkk: Graceful: Reflection Rijnstraat 8 | What's (in) the picture?

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