Zoom much?

Gotta love this texture, so smooth… Looks like a red wine stain on your wedding dress, doesn’t it?



Luckily it’s just my fabulous orchid.



14 comments on “Zoom much?

  1. I grow orchids as a hobby. I have about 45 now. A few have died because of our odd weather this past winter. I live in Florida. It’s usually always warm to HOT. This winter we had a bit of chilly weather. I guess my orchids were trying to tell me they didn’t like it. 😀
    Great photographs … love how you made us wonder what it was in the 1st one.
    Isadora 😎

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  2. Ha ha! I never had a weddingdress and that might have been the reason I recognize the spot and texture as an orchid in the first picture 🙂 But they are great flowers.

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  4. Beautiful photos, I have never noticed how beautiful orchids truly are until I tried to grow them and …failed miserably now I can only admire others handiwork. Thank you for following Bob,

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  5. Tilbaketråkk: WPC Abstract Picture – Sharingiscaringweb

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