Nice to meet you


It’s time for a Weekend Coffee Share, and chances are that you and I do not know each other. I guess we would do the handshake thing? Or perhaps you would totally intimidate me by treading into my personal space and do the kissy thing?

The kissy thing confuses me. Is there a set side to which to plant the kiss? And are lips supposed to come in contact with cheek, or do you just pucker up and make the smacking-sound that makes my ears beep for hours?

Depending on where you are from, you would do the more-than-once kissy thing? Now we have a huge issue here. How am I – a hand shaker – supposed to know how many times to kiss and be kissed? I have experienced once, twice, three times and even four times of alternating sides and kissing. Some on the cheek and some in the air. This is really doing my head in, and when ever I am faced with a kisser, I tremble in fear!

Now, let’s talk about the handshake. Do you have any idea how off-putting and disappointing it is to get a limp handshake? Big, hairy manly-men with the handshake of little, brittle old ladies with arthritis. Get off it; you’re not convincing anyone with that crap! A handshake must be firm, but not so hard that you cut off the bloodstream to my fingers and hear the breaking of bones. It must be just right.

I guess every language and culture have some niceties that are being exchanged when you meet people. “Nice to meet you” is very common. We say that in Norwegian also. But think about it for a minute: Why do people say “nice to meet you”, before I’ve even said anything?

How do you know it’s nice to meet me?

I’m a jerk.


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75 comments on “Nice to meet you

  1. You got a point there! Nope, not you saying being a jerk, 🙂 lol. I am personally not saying “nice to meet you” a simple Hi is enough and yes I am not into kissing as well but it depends on where you live or people we meet. I let the person act first either kissing the cheek or the plain handshake.

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  2. hee hee . . . . I know that kissy thing can be awkward. After 5mths in Portugal though got it down to a fine art. Always x2 there and in France. . . and always start by moving your head to their left so you each place kisses on respective right cheeks I noticed. In the Netherlands it is a heady x3!

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  3. Since I am an American, you needn’t worry about any kissy thing from me! We Americans like to maintain our arms-length distance from one another until we know you well.
    I have a very good friend who married a Greek. They are all up in one’s personal space, because theirs is a warm, and LOUD culture within the family. I practiced the kissy-thing prior to meeting him, so I would get it just right. I pulled it off, but I am American. It will never be natural to me.
    This post does make me believe it would be nice to meet you, though, and I promise not to give you the limp-fish handshake. Nothing worse!

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    • Hehe southern Europeans are generally warm and loud and enters your personal space with not a worry in the world. And don’t tell anyone, but Im only a jerk when provoked ;-p

      Thank you for commenting!

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  4. I’m a hugger. I do not know why. My first instinct is to hug someone hello. I often have to consciously restrain myself. As an American this is not typical and I can’t remember why or when I started doing this! I can’t even blame my heritage: English and Scots Irish! It’s entirely possible that I’m insane however….

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    • My guess is that the hugging thing makes you more warm and welcoming than insane 🙂 I hug friends and family, but strangers gets the handshake. Unless they insist on the kissy thing. Then I get all awkward ;-p

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  5. I don’t understand that kissy kissy thing either. I always go to the wrong cheek first. I don’t like hugging much either. Just a big smile, and a ‘nice to meet you’ will do.

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  7. I spent 11 days in Slovakia last summer, where the typical eastern European two-cheek kiss of greeting is still quite normal, especially for the older folks my age. It is not common here in the USA. But it would have been rude and unfriendly of me to avoid it, and to my surprise I actually learned pretty quickly to appreciate it and return it. Not much real lip-to-face contact, very dry, but there’s something about the gesture that just speaks of good will and openness.

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  8. OK, not kissy thing. I mean Euwwww. No hand shake either. Just “Hi, I met you on your blog. We can have coffee in a coffee shop and talk. No hugs. Maybe I am a jerk too. I don’t think I am but you never know. I do want a donut with my coffee, a cinnamon roll. Does the coffee shop sell those?

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  9. Haha, I’ve never thought about the saying “It’s nice to meet you”, but I’ve said it upon first meeting someone often enough.
    I’m not a kiss or hug person unless they are my friend. I tend to stand far back enough from them that hugs would be very awkward, but close enough to them to know that a handshake is acceptable.

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  10. I think I have been doing it all wrong…….I tend to say it was nice to meet someone after i meet them but only if it was nice and I wouldn’t let anyone play kissy face with me…I did actually smack someone silly when they tried a few years ago….I don’t like shaking hands either…gawd only knows where THEIR hands have been… way am I touchin em with a handi-dandy disinfectant closeby!

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    • Are you a comedian? Your responses always make me laugh! I won’t kiss a stranger and no one can make me feel bad about that. I don’t like strangers hugging me but will allow it as long as I don’t have to participate in the hug. And handshakes, yikes, like you Suze, I’m afraid of where their hands have been. My personal preference is to wave and say Hi, how are ya? That’s all a stranger will get. Family and friends totally different.

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      • Lady, challenge accepted! If you and I ever meet, I will pull you in a great big old hug and hold you for 18 minutes just to see how uncomfortable you get. Oh, it is ON! *giggles*


      • Haha, after 30 seconds I’d be trying to break loose! Now if it were my kids I tend to try and hang on as long as they let me, usually it ends with, “ahhh, mom, that’s enough.” even then I try to hang on just a few more seconds.

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      • no, honestly I am not. I just have a warped sense of humor and no “off switch”……I finally reached the age where people almost expect me to say silly or stupid things, and I take full advantage of it. lol

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  11. I’m with you, particularly on the handshake – a clammy, limp handshake is the worst. Something about it seems insincere. It affects how much I trust a person if they can’t give me a firm handshake (that leaves my bones intact).

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      • No you didn’t ask nicely. You were very rude. And you still are. I did unfollow your blog, but as long as you do not privatize or delete the posts you have published in the daily prompts, how is anyone supposed to know that you do not want anyone to read them? To me that is not just a little stupid; to publizise a whole bunch of posts in the daily prompts, and then get upset that someone actually reads them. And not only that, that someone actually has the audacity to press LIKE on them!

        I would like to point out to you that you are commenting on MY blog. You keep coming to ME. So I will turn your own words around on you: Go away! And learn some manners on your way! Seriously, you are just too damn old for these childish games!


  12. ‘Nice to meet you’ is Nice to meet YOU.
    I do not know much about the kissy thing but would throw light upon the Hand Shake, Yes the Hand Shake done by a person when met for the first time or every time matters the way the person shakes the other person’s hand. You are right in putting it that it should be done with the warmth, not very hot or not very cool as you have said.
    I put forward my hand now to shake it with warmth which you shall remember in the days to come.
    Fond Regards

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  13. I think I have come to like the hugging thing, but try to avoid the kissing thing…No idea how I manage really, but nobody has run away from me yet.
    Great intro and I knew from the start your origin. Or at least I think you are a Norwegian…borrowing Denmark. How I knew? Your sense of humour. Thank you for following me! I most certainly will be back here for more of you.

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    • Awe thank you so much! Yes, I am Norwegian, and currently reside in Denmark, hence the borrowing. That was a good catch of you! I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. Wishing you a fab week!


  14. Great post! I totally agree with you! I myself dislike even handshakes. The first thing when someone wants to shake hands with me I begin to imagine all the germs on his/her hands and all the things these hands have touched.

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    • Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I look forward to reading more of your posts. I am sure I will be jealous of your plants, as my own thunbs are anything but green 🙂

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  35. Don’t people do the fist pump now a days rather then a handshake? I know that is how my father in law says goodbye to me. Yeah, lip thing, nahhhhh not my thing either. -Bruce


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