Paranoia much?


Do you keep the curtains closed in your home because you think you are being watched and deprived of your privacy?

Do you shiver when you go out in the eerie fog because you think you are being followed?

Do you check behind the shower curtain for murderers?

  • If you find one, what’s your plan?



(And remember this: Just because you are not paranoid, it doesn’t mean they are not after you…)





20 comments on “Paranoia much?

  1. I don’t think anyone who saw Psycho will ever view showers the same again.

    I might be the opposite of paranoid, though: I grew up on the coast, so open windows are a natural thing for me, and I don’t fear fog. But shower curtains…. they need checking behind.

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  2. Haha! Actually, yes….sometimes.
    One night, my boyfriend came back unexpectedly and let himself in. He touched my leg and I woke up screaming. The pepper spray/mase that is on the bedside table never once came to mind (lucky for him). I thought to myself, » what the hell am I gonna do??!? I don’t have a plan!!!» He quickly let me know it was him. I freaked. So, as a matter of fact, I DO NOT have a plan.

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  3. Yes I do have a plan. If a person happens to make it past the Rottweiler guarding my front door then my personal attack cat will respond. She is very possessive of me and will attack the other animals who get a little rough sometimes. If she fails (that’s plan b) then plan c is a knock down drag out fight. 🙂 But I have every confidence attack cat will not fail.

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    • How do you train attack cat? We have a cat with attack tendensies, but she backfires every day (waking us up by inserting claw in human big toe).

      Am suspecting our guard dog is malfunctioning also, is he supposed to lick someone to death?

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      • Licking is a great form of protection. As to the cat, if she sleeps with you, spend one whole night not in your bed, she will get super possessive… mine certianly did 🙂

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  4. The fog used to curl up off the ground in the village I lived in and formed into all kinds of ghostly figures, we walked to school in a group huddled close together, exhilarating time for the mind and heart! You post was funny!

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  5. My mom actually does keep the curtains closed because she thinks she’s being watched! Lol! When I check behind the shower curtain for murderers, the plan is to rip the curtains down and envelop the supposed murderer into the curtain (like a Liam Neeson or Bruce Willis movie, of course!) and then scream for help while running out of the house….

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