I ❤ NY – Union Square

Old Mamasan was not really aware of where she was, so not a lot of pics were taken at this location. We walked from the Flatiron Building and down to Farmers Market, crossed a park and found this really cool digital clock – but the numbers seemed kind of weird. Sir Nerdalot thought it was the National Debt Clock, but of course it wasn’t. What we found, was «the Passage», which is, actually, a digital clock.


The Passage

It is a funky looking clock with all the digits, and unless you are there for a while – only the center ones change.  There is a system to this madness. The first eight digits shows the time ( = 10 hours, 10 minutes, 49 seconds, 0 tenths of a second, 4 hundreds of a second), and this is clear as day. The seven last digits display the remaining time left of the day, and here is the tricky part – it is in reverse! On this picture there are 13 hours, 49 minutes, 10 seconds, 9 tenths of a second left of the day. Also clear as day as long as one knows how to read the darn thing. 

The Passage is a part of a large public art installation, called the «Metr0n0me», created by Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel in 1999. The round thing on the brown wall next to the Passage is part of the Metr0n0me.



The Metr0n0me and the Passage

Union Square is not named after the federal Union, the United States, or any labor unions, but rather denotes that this is where two principal thoroughfares of the island met. Union Square is situated where Broadway and Fourth Avenue met in the early 19yh century. Fourth Avenue was back then named Bowery Road.

The park is home to a rather impressive equestrian statue of U.S. President George Washington, but Old Mamasan was too busy photographing a cute New Yawker instead:


New Yawker at Union Square


New Yawker displaying his best asset – his beautiful tail!

Make sure you have good walking shoes when visiting New York, the distances aren’t great, but the surface is hard.




11 comments on “I ❤ NY – Union Square

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    • I guess the secret is to know the 24 hour clock, and also know that after the first 4 digits, you can ignore the rest. But, yes – complicated 🙂


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