I ❤ NY – Flatiron building

Due to a power outage in Newark, we wound up in NYC one day earlier than planned. We were unable to get into our Newark hotel, because everything runs on electricity. The computers for check in, the elevators, even the locks to the rooms are electronic (yanno, those cardkey thingamajingys), everything needs electricity. So we booked a night at a hotel one night early in New York, in the Flatiron District. We were only one block away from the Flatiron Building, so we walked over to see it 🙂


The iconic Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building was originally called the Fuller Building. It is a triangular, 22-story, steelframed landmarked building situated on the triangular block formed by Fifth Avenue, Broadway and East 22nd Street. Broadway cuts over the island diagonally, thus creating triangular blocks when it crosses the other avenues.


Sir Nedalot and the Karate Kid enjoying theire morning coffees while taking in the sites.

The Fuller Building was completed in 1902, and was then one of the tallest buildings in the city. The building gets its name «the Flatiron Building», because it resembles a cast-iron clothes iron.


This was some artsy-smartsy stuff…

I am sure many have seen this building in movies and TV-shows. The building is a quintessential symbol of New York City, and is considered to be one of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers. And it really does look cool, don’t ya think?

We found a really good italian restaurant at the Flatiron District ,  we had really really good pizza here at Tappo.




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