Impulse Control vs. Sir Nerdalot

Sir Nerdalot is playing around on SAS’ websites. Old Mamasan is in deep thought and is trying to write. I’m not really listening.

Sir Nerdalot: Babe! 3000 DKK to Hong Kong or Washington DC.

Old Mamasan; Hmmmmm?

Sir Nerdalot: When is fall-vaccy?

Old Mamasan: Hmmmmm? (I honestly thought he was yappin’ about something stupid nerdy he was reading online)

Sir Nerdalot: Nah, the Karate Kid is going to Norway… When is winter-vaccy? Yo! Babe! (continously poking Old Mamasans left shoulder)

Old Mamasan pushes the keyboard away, sighs heavily, and sends Sir Nerdalot her very frightening «stop that bullshit or you will be struck down by thunder and lightning and goblins and trolls”-look. Sir Nerdalot ignores the frightful look and continues with childish eagerness:

Hong Kong or Washington DC? For winter-vaccy? February? Cheap tickets? Hello?

It takes a few moments for my brain to snap out of nerd-bla-bla-nerdinerd-bla-bla-mode and into travel mode.

I like the fact that I get to choose. Hong Kong is most definitely on my bucket-list, but I want more time there – and travel in the right season.

I have been to DC, and I have seen the obligatory stuff, so I therefore know that there are more to see, and also that there are lots of sights that the Boys will absolutely love. Also, it’s not too far to go to New York City, also on my bucket-list. Being interested in history, it is also possible to cover a couple important locations from the Civil War.

February, being low-season, is a good thing. We don’t mind the cold. Cheap hotels and short lines for the attractions – SCORE!!!

The frequent flyer cards are entered and the confirm-button is pressed.

So quick!

So easy!

So little impulse control!


Mr Impulse Control, himself.

 If you have any recommendations of what to see, do and eat, we would love to hear about it.


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