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Picture from Disney. Scrooge McDuck.

Oh, I cannot count my dreams about winning the lottery. A billion dollars is a lot of money, and although I have dreamt of hitting it big – a billion dollars sounds a tad farfetched. Less, by far, would suffice. On the other hand, it’s not like I’d turn it down. I can do a lot of good with that money.

I have already thought up how to spend the money (in no particular order):

  • Hand out one million as a starter-help to all the youngsters in my family. The thought here is to ensure an education, and perhaps help them get settled into real estate. Yanno, give them a good start on their adult life.
  • Invest in real estate, both locally and internationally.
  • Donate funds to charities who aid battered women and children and animals.
  • Buy, invest in or start a business that employs a lot of people. Set up a program for including young people who had a tough start in life. Give them an income, training, guidance; basically give them a chance to better their lives.
  • Travel extensively – Antarctic, Alaska, South America, and Africa. The list is long.

Might as well dream big – doesn’t cost more!

When I win a billion dollars


12 comments on “When I win a billion dollars

  1. They say once you know what you will do with a large amount of money you are ready to have it. You seem very ready! I like your list because you intend to spread the joy around. Nice!

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