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Travel Book Much?

I have to admit; I love Travel Books. It is not something I sit and read at home and thereafter make up my mind that I have to go there and do what the book sais – quite the contrary. I usually have the travel booked well before the travel book gets purchased, sometimes I won’t buy it until I have checked in on the flight. Still love them, and I do find myself using the travel book extensively after I have returned home – either to find facts about the place I just visited for my scrapbook, or as lately – for my travel blog.


I do like Lonely Planet’s Travel Books, but the one in these pictures is a Danish one that I have not tried before. Who knows, I might have found a new favorite? I haven’t opened it until just now to take the picture below.




Yup, this is a hint of where my next big travel is headed: Northeast USA.

Do you like Travel Books? And do you have a favorite?

Travel Book Much?


7 comments on “Travel Book Much?

  1. I do love travel books and books with essays about travel. My «travel» guilty pleasure, though, is Rick Steves. I love him because he actually brings travel to people in the most simplistic forms. Non-pretentious, not preachy–he just gives facts.

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  2. When going on an ‘adventure’ I do my homework and look through many different travel books as they all have a different perspective to offer. My top two are most definitely Rick Steves and Lonely Planet.

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  3. I love travel books! I spend hours and hours reading about places. My favorites are the ones that have really good illustrations and photographs like Dorling-Kindersley and Insights. I study them ahead of time, especially when traveling to a place where I do not speak the language, so I understand about what I am seeing. They also make great memory books.

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  4. I used to spend a lot of time with Lonely Planet books, but lately I’ve done my travel research online. There are a number of websites devoted to travel in general, often with guides, reviews, and the like. Haven’t felt the need to pick up a book in quite a few years.

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