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Gotta love Blovstrød Kro!


Old Mamasan is a real foodie, and ex-pat’ing it in Denmark plays in well with my foodieness. We are going out today, we have something to celebrate. Not that we only go out to dinner to celebrate – in which case I would have no problem finding something to celebrate often *giggles* – but today we actually received good news and a great cause for a celebration.


My family often celebrates with food. Either something special and homemade, or we could go out to a restaurant to celebrate. We are all passionate about food, any food really, and we can all make our way around a kitchen. The Karate Kid tends to specialize in Wok’s and Spanish Cuisine. Sir Nerdalot often chooses Italian, and Old Mamasan (me) tends to be all over the place, and nowadays there is no limitation in what produce and spices one can get hold of. I love to experiment with exotic spices and flavors.


One thing that I love about Denmark is their Inn’s. They are everywhere, often in really old and beautiful buildings, and the food is great and affordable. I saw Blovstrød Kro from the car right after we arrived in Denmark, and said to Sir Nerdalot that we just had to come back and check that place out. And we did. And it became a favorite. It’s a Steakhouse and Restaurant that has been in business since 1771.


Cravin’ good eats at affordable prices? You know where to go!


Gotta love Blovstrød Kro!


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