A six word story and a picture


He still enjoyed the ballgame alone.

(This post is in response to the Six Word Stories Challenge by Benedict Nicholson. Word promt: Loss)

 Edit 17.04.2016:

I just love this picture of the old Japanese man sitting in front of us at a ballgame in Tokyo, that I just have to submit it for the Daily Post’s photo challenge  hitsDinnertime. Everyone around us were enjoying dinners and snacks, but this Gentleman is whom caught both my eye and my lense.

The original post where I first showcased this picture, Reisebrev fra Tokyo, Play Ball, dag 5, is written in Norwegian. If you can not read any of the Scandinavian languages, I think you’ll struggle to understand my writings, but there are some awesome pictures in there.

Happy Blogging and Rock On!



13 comments on “A six word story and a picture

  1. Those words with that picture – they make a story. The spine of the story is a little selfishness and a bit of sadness – both working together, outlining our lives.


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